A new Road-Rail Access Point (RRAP) must be built on the FTL lines as part of the access strategy for the postThameslink Project to provide access for Road-Rail Vehicles (RRV) to and from Smithfield Sidings under Charterhouse Street.

The new RRAP must be the same length as the existing RRAP that will be withdrawn as part of the project. The current installation must be changed to build the intended RRAP.

Our Involvement

IPS was appointed by Pod Trak for GRIP 3,4 and 5 stages to provide IDC pack for M&E, ETE and Civils, DRN responses and reviews, AFC Drawings and to assess the proposal for the provision of the new RRAP from signalling perspective and provide a high-level design approach to allow the client to make an informed decision about the best way to take the development forward.


Key Challenges

  • Danger of working on track such as locomotives, rolling stock, electrically powered, inside equipment and the like conductor rail
  • Removal of TWPS
  • Existing Buried services.
  • Restricted RRAP access


Scope of work

  • Removal of existing RRAP and Installation of new RRAP and concrete ramp.
  • Providing Shutter door support and track access to pedestrian palisade gate.
  • Modification of existing trackside/walkway lighting.
  • ETE recoveries and modifications to support decommissioning of the existing RRAP and the introduction of the new RRAP.
  • Modification/Relocation of a permanent way, ETE, Signalling Assets.
  • Installation of new proprietary RRAP panels.

Key Services Delivered

  • IDC pack for GRIP 5, for M&E, ETE and Civils.
  • Form A&B Designs for ETE.
  • Form 3 Designs for M&E
  • Form 2&3 Design pack for Civils.
  • DRN response and review.
  • Providing AFC Drawings.
  • Signalling.
  • Swept Path Analysis for vehicles.


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