Building Information Modelling (BIM) has redefined project delivery in the design and engineering industry, enahncing everything from the tools we use, the skills required, and the way we collaborate with our clients.

As one of the leading engineering, design, and project management organization, IPS Design & Consultancy has been assisting in shaping the BIM implementation on our clients projects.

BIM has been successfully applied to deliver projects more efficiently and effectively rather than traditional methods. These projects were primarily delivered through a design-build process. With this approach, the use of BIM has proven invaluable to the project team, beginning with the design phase and continuing through the projects construction phase.


Type Of Structures


  • Residential Building
  • Industrial Building
  • Comercial Building


  • Foot Bridges
  • Under Bridges
  • U Decks
  • Steel Bridges

Railway Platforms:

  • Riser Wall And Fill Platforms
  • Z Unit Fill Platforms
  • Crosswall And Plank Platforms
  • Timber/Grp Platforms

Power Plants:

  • All Type Of The Power Plant Structures, Like Junction Towers, Conveyers. Cruser House .etc.,
  • Piping And Pipe Support Mechanical Drawing
  • Chimny Drawings


  • All Types of Staircase Details
  • Lift And Headrooms Details
  • Sump And Stp Details
  • Retainig Wall Details
  • Steel Connection Details
  • Signage etails
  • Pipe And Fill Cap Details
  • Rc Details For All Types of Structure
  • Preparing Shop Drawing Of all Structural Elements With Bar Bendig Schedule

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