The Greater Anglia railway franchise is introducing brand new trains to replace all the existing rolling stock in the East Anglia railway network.

East Anglia railway network. Some of the new trains require platform extension and Infrastructure change for stations like Stratford, Broxbourne, Brimsdown, Enfield Lock, Ware, Hertford East, St Margret.

Our Involvement

IPS consultancy has been appointed by Greater Anglia as a delivery partner to provide services like Engineering Management to oversee the New Train Programme Including the Technical Advisor role for the GA board regarding company procedures.


Key Challenges

  • Tight Programme
  • Lack of Survey Data
  • Multiple contract interfaces
  • Continuous changes in the scope
  • Stakeholder Management such as NR Aspro etc

The IPS team have managed to engage with all stakeholders in a timely manner and conduct various design reviews as part of the progressive assurance to make sure there are no surprises at the end of the design process. As a result, all our designs have been accepted process.

As a result, all our designs have been accepted by the client and the asset management team in the first round.


Scope of work

  • Platform Extension.
  • OLE Modification.
  • Telecoms and CCTV upgrades.
  • Building services.
  • Signalling.
  • Electrification and Plant
  • Track Renewals.
  • HV Renewals.
  • Signal moves.
  • Technical Advisor for all the 7 Stations. Key Services Provided

Key Services Provided.

  • Design Integration & Engineering Assurance.
  • Independent Checker Services.
  • Clients Requirement.
  • Day-to-day supply chain to perform output.
  • Construction support.
  • Delivery support.
  • OLE Designing.
  • Signalling Upgrades.
  • Platform Light Enhancement.
  • Interface Management.
  • Advisory Services.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Requirements Management.
  • Signalling Power Supply Design.
  • Construction and Handover Support.


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